How the Metaverse changes development of the internet

How the Metaverse changes development of the internet

The internet is not only a text and images anymore. Due to development of such new technologies as virtual reality, the augmented reality and mixed reality, the future of development of the internet changes. Thanks to these new technologies, we can see the world, where people will be able to interact with 3D images.


What is the Metaverse?

he Metaverse is not a new concept. It is evolution of online spaces, where people can work, play and socialise as avatars. These spaces are shared and always available. The space does not disappear after interaction with it.

The objective of the Metaverse is to narrow the line between the internet and reality. To access the Metaverse, you will need augmented reality glasses or headphones. These tools will transfer you to the “parallel” world, where each user will have own avatar will use it to socialise with acquaintances and yet unknown people.

The dream of the Metaverse is to allow people to do virtually as much, as they could do in the real life. An avatar could go on vacation, buy digital cars and clothes, and attend virtual concerts. The opportunities offered by the digital world are endless!


The new technologies in the web development and design

3D web content becomes increasingly more popular. Now, websites can take advantage of their new opportunities, using such tools as WebGL, WebVR and WebAR to create interactive content, which really attracts users to the website.

The future of development of websites means not only 3D content – it also means mixed reality and augmented reality.

The future of website design will depend on the following technologies:

  • Virtual reality – VR has opened various opportunities, which provide innovative user experience. It can be used in different sectors, for example, real estate, education and manufacturing. It ensures clarity and flexibility, thus increasing involvement of users.
  • Artificial intelligence – different types of artificial intelligence help creating powerful tools. It allows users to interact with various software.
  • Augmented reality and mixed reality – the development of mixed reality and augmented reality grows rapidly. Due to this reason, website developers have to develop websites, which function with the new technologies.

The said technologies open up many opportunities for website development in the future. With these new technologies we are looking to a completely different landscape of website design and development than we have experienced so far.


What the Metaverse means for web design?

Full-fledged Metaverse is not created yet. Some technologies still need to be developed in order to bring this element to life; however, several companies have started to develop the Metaverse. Some examples are Facebook, EPIC games, whereas the company Decentraland is already a universe of 3D reality.

Considering that companies compete to create the Metaverse, the way of how we are using the web today will be ultimately changed. Websites will look completely different than we know them today, and people will have real life experience virtually.