Does your business need a mobile app?

Does your business need a mobile app?

You are mistaken if you think mobile apps are only for big brands. An increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses are following mobile trends and realizing that an effective mobile strategy goes beyond a mobile-friendly website and that their business needs a mobile app.


In fact, nowadays, you will find that many small businesses you come across often have their dedicated mobile app. These businesses are ahead in taking digital marketing to the next level.

If you are still trying to decide whether your business needs its mobile app, here are some key benefits that will change your mind!

How can a mobile app improve your current website?

Your website is a powerful resource. It helps showcase your brand, provides a sales platform, and is a cost-effective means of communication.

Using a browser like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, your customers can access your website from a desktop, laptop, and handheld device.

The usage pattern has changed dramatically recently, with customers using handheld mobile devices more often than non-mobile devices, as they offer incredible benefits to businesses and users unavailable on non-mobile devices.

In order to keep up with the dramatic increase in mobile users, companies initially switched to responsive or mobile-friendly website design. These responsive websites improved the user experience, mainly by improving the user interface.

However, responsive websites accessed by mobile users do not take advantage of the functionality of handheld devices such as push notifications, cameras, GPS, offline access, and others. Large companies have invested significant capital in developing native mobile apps to take advantage of these features.

Let us discuss the benefits of mobile apps and how they help your mobile marketing strategy!

Direct communication and cooperation with customers

One of the reasons why your business needs a mobile app is to improve direct contact with your customers.

With the information now available at the touch of a button, the evolution of mobile applications for businesses has unlocked the door to transparent and direct communication between customers and businesses.

The information gathered from customers through these apps is invaluable for any business, as buying habits and buyer personas are readily available to help improve marketing strategies.

More speed

A well-designed mobile app will certainly run much faster than a mobile website. Unlike websites, which usually use web servers, apps store data locally on mobile devices. For this reason, extracting valuable data from mobile apps is easy.

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Improved customer engagement

To make sure your customers are heard, you need to use a convenient way to communicate. Customers often contact you to get an answer to a question about your service or product or to report a problem.

Mobile app development makes this process easier. The sooner customers can communicate their concerns and get a response, the less likely they are to leave a bad review.

Increasing brand awareness

Developing a mobile app for a business provides an opportunity to reach a potentially new audience. As mobile app development is an entirely new platform for business, it can create a new demographic of customers who find apps more beneficial than web browsers.

Marketing channel

Tailored mobile apps allow customers to send notifications and information instantly. Suppose this information is valuable and relevant to them, for example, by providing information about exclusive offers. In that case, it can help you build a loyal customer base who will find it essential to use your app.

Effective loyalty program

Let’s say your company has a loyalty program, or you are considering introducing one to increase sales. In this case, a digitized loyalty program via a mobile app effectively builds and creates a customer community.

Customers are much more likely to return when they are rewarded for their spending. A mobile app makes it much easier and faster for them to do so.

Increased sales

This is a new channel to increase your company’s profits. Depending on the size of your audience, this can be quite a significant increase.

You can motivate customers to buy directly from you with promotions, discounts, and bonus push notifications. You can contact all users who have installed your app.

Another advantage of the app is the possibility to make mobile payments, which are growing rapidly in popularity. People no longer want to spend time shopping because they can buy the same things with their smartphones while drinking coffee at home.

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A source of valuable analytics

With the mobile app, you can gather helpful information for further analysis. For example, you can find out which products your customers buy the most. And how much time they spend on the app. Or even which features are used the most and least popular.

By tracking how people interact with your app, you can understand how to improve it to give them a better experience. Understanding your customers is the key to success in any business niche.

You can get data on your audience’s geographic location, demographics, interests, and many other interesting statistics that you can use to benefit your business.

Competitive advantages

Only some companies are exploiting the full potential of their websites and mobile apps. Some companies do not even have them because, for whatever reason, they do not think they need them.

If you start using mobile apps as a marketing and sales tool, you can secure your position for the future. In today’s highly competitive world, you must make the most of opportunities to educate and promote your brand.

Mobile apps for business can offer many advantages to almost any company. If you are still trying to decide whether you need a mobile app, we hope the arguments in this article will help you make the right decision.

The critical thing to remember is that any product or tool needs to solve specific problems and contribute to the development of the business. With this in mind, you need to plan your work and make a list of the features you need for the future app.

Any company must strive to evolve and keep up with new technologies and respond to innovations that can make it more efficient. Mobile app development can effectively help you achieve these goals.