Today and future plans

We are among the leading companies in Latvia developing individual E-commerce and web-based IT systems. The portfolio of our long-term customers, the results of projects developed, and the feedback from our customers, partners and suppliers speak for themselves.

Our vision is to become the most loved B2B service provider in the world.

Mission and values

Since 2009 we have been working in compliance with our mission: To create an environment where people do what they love. 

How? We feel at the peak of our mission when our customers can devote themselves to their direct duties knowing that the outsourcing task they have entrusted to us is going to be done with quality and love.

Five values
We follow the rules – values at work.

  • 1. We strive to be perfect.
  • 2. We know we can.
  • 3. We are honest
    and open.
  • 4. We are efficient.
  • 5. We are approachable
    and treat other people
    with respect.

Our attitude toward partners and suppliers

Equal treatment

We treat our partners and suppliers and, in return, expect to be treated with equality, respect and honesty irrespective of whether we are customers, suppliers or strategic partners. It should be noted that we are as demanding of our suppliers as we are of ourselves.

Equal benefits

We believe that every job must be appreciated and adequately remunerated: allowing our partners to earn appropriately to their input we allow ourselves to do so in the long-term, too.

Long-term collaboration

We take the utmost care when choosing suppliers and strive to establish long-term relationships. As much as is possible, we strive to adopt a tolerant and flexible attitude as we see long-term collaboration to be of the utmost importance.

Our attitude toward customers

A consultant goes into the details;  a contractor just does what they are asked to do

We are consultants. We go into the details of a customer’s business needs and offer the best solutions. We advise customers in relation to our services and wider, if we see such opportunities. We help customers with our business contacts and marketing options.

A long-term collaboration is more important than an instant gain

Here are examples that illustrate this view of ours:

  • In a situation where a customer wishes to order an individual solution we have advised to choose ready SaaS solutions if we know that the respective need can be solved with a much smaller financial input;
  • We have advised customers to narrow down the requirements even though the budget was available: we knew that the respective need could be solved with a simpler solution and we said it;
  • We have developed additions at service cost or below, as we knew that a customer did not have such financial options but the respective task was important for business operation in the long-term. 
Responsibility of our work

We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all design work and give a three year guarantee for the IT solutions we have developed. When necessary, we are available outside conventional working hours. We are responsible for our work.

Our attitude toward employees

  • Our employees are independent.
  • Our employees are smart.
  • Our values live through our employees.