Riga Central Business Centre


A self-sufficient space, where a modern architecture vision meets the roots of modernism. A quarter, which is built around the historical building of the Press House, reflects refinement, growth and technological progress.

Riga Central Business Centre will combine a sustainable business centre, sports and entertainment centre, cultural space, hotel, as well as multiple other public space solutions.

The design of the homepage www.presesnams.lv, created during the project, is future-oriented. The website of the future multifunctional business centre emphasises convergence of business with the rhythm of urban environment, which is vividly reflected in the homepage animations.


Introduced solutions



Responsive design
The developed design supplements the innovative thinking of the multifunctional business centre and the unique solutions of public space.


Content optimization
A possibility to efficiently find the necessary information about the project and view the planning of the future centre.


Website usability
The developed website www.presesnams.lv is easy to perceive and understandable for any user.