AIWA clinic


AIWA clinic is a new, modern and cosy wide-spectrum service surgery clinic. AIWA clinic has received ISO 9001 certificate in the area of outpatient and inpatient medical services, becoming one of the few certified private medical institutions in Latvia.

The homepage is designed thinking about each patient of the clinic. Using the website is convenient and the design is visually attractive and easy perceivable. The functionality of site allows finding the necessary information easily and also make an appointment online.


Introduced solutions


A harmonic design, which creates a feeling of peace and cosiness. and helps to display the professionalism and humane attitude of AIWA clinic towards each patient.
Content optimization
An option to make an appointment online easy and fast, and efficiently find the necessary information about the services provided by the clinic.
Integration of chat tool
An integrated communication tool, which ensures the possibility to find the topical information about issues of interest.