Creation of a custom responsive website

The result of our collaboration is an engaging mobile ready website for customer attraction, sales and communication we are using Drupal and WordPress.

We develop corporate websites for companies in need of an individual solution with

  • a unique responsive design, and
  • individual functionality in line with the goals and needs of the respective company.

We build websites with the open code Efumo CMS or WordPress platform in compliance with the specific nature of the project and the needs of the customer.

A customer’s opinion

The SSE Riga website is rich in both its content and technical capacities. We appreciate the fact that Efumo fulfils all of our technical requirements and offers a variety of ways of doing it.

Dana Kumpiņa, Communications Manager at SSE Riga

Customers choose Efumo when the following is important

  • Results
    An individual website with the capability to sell and help reach the main targets: attract customers, develop relationships with existing customers, inform other target groups, create a professional corporate image, enter new markets, ease the selling process, improve SEO positions, increase website traffic, etc.
  • Long-term security
    A stable and reliable service provider with a long-term guarantee as well as a modular system that can be continuously supplemented and developed.
  • Knowledge and ideas 
    Experience in working with corporate websites, customer portfolios and references, innovative suggestions.  

The quality of our work shows in

  • System quality
    E-commerce or business level, interface usability, visual or aesthetic quality of design, technical quality (architecture, functionality, security, response speed, modern and convenient CMS) and SEO quality.
  • Process quality
    Experienced project managers follow the internal process quality standard, we carry out comprehensive testing, give a three year guarantee and provide a full professional service.
  • Flexibility
    From project communication and documentation in three languages (LV, EN, RU) to communication channels, working times and meeting places – everything is tailored to the needs of our customers.
  • Personal relationships
    Interested in long-term collaborations that are based on principles of good faith, we maintain strong personal relationships with our customers.
  • Full service
    By using our own resources, and in collaboration with our partners, we can provide necessary extra services such as drafting and translation of content, digital marketing, and hosting.  

       Contact us to make an appointment for discussing the creation of your website!  

A customer’s opinion

The SSE Riga website is rich in both its content and technical capacities. We appreciate the fact that Efumo fulfils all of our technical requirements and offers a variety of ways of doing it.

Dana Kumpiņa, Communications Manager at SSE Riga  

We create corporate websites for companies that are looking for an individual solution with unique functionality and design. Listed here are just some of the options we have experience with; please contact our project managers for further information on all of our competencies and options.

  • EfumoCMS
  • WordPress
  • Webflow
Interface (optional)
  • Web design
  • Adaptive design
  • Responsive design
  • Individual design
  • In compliance with a style book or other guidelines
  • Architecture with several countries
  • Architecture with several languages
Corporate information options
  • Lists, for example, news
  • Open information, for example, about the company
Catalogue of products / services
  • Categories of products
  • List of products
  • Opened product 
  • Service price calculator
Customer information sections
  • Registration, authorisation
  • Access to the information intended for customers only
  • News in e-mail
  • Banners
  • Recommend in social networks
  • Surveying, questionnaires
  • Events calendar
  • Search
  • Shared user rights in administration section 
  • Administration of all content and structure
  • Events register
  • Product administration
  • Customer administration
  • Statistics
  • SSL certificates for encrypted data transmission
  • Security audit

Map of branches / shops

  • Map
  • List of branches / shops
  • Shop information in open view
Career sections
  • Catalogue of vacancies
  • Applying for a job

A customer’s opinion

The SSE Riga website is rich in both its content and technical capacities. We appreciate the fact that Efumo fulfils all of our technical requirements and offers a variety of ways of doing it.

Dana Kumpiņa, Communications Manager at SSE Riga

Creation process of a website

Beginning of communication

During an initial phone conversation we evaluate compatibility – budget, deadlines, specializations,etc. – and make an appointment.

Business requirements

During the first meeting we discuss your needs. After the meeting an experienced project manager prepares a proposal based on your individual business requirements, and an estimated costing factoring in both your wishes and our vision of what is necessary for the project.

At the second meeting we present and discuss the proposal and costings. It is essential that we understand each other and the project needs as accurately as possible at the very beginning of the collaboration, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises in the course of the project.

We agree upon and sign a contract.

Development of the project starts with a kick-off meeting where teams from both parties of the project once again go through the business requirements in detail and discuss the design requirements; if possible, a visit is organized to the customer’s office, sales and manufacturing premises.


An experienced systems analyst develops a detailed specification of tasks. It contains explicit description and examples of functionality and information layout of the website.  Specification is a task for the technical team. Coordination takes place in meetings as well as via e-mail.


Once the contract is concluded, we work with the design as well. To start with, we draw and agree upon the design of the home page, then carry on with the design of all inner page views. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our design. Our designers take into account the style guidelines of the customer’s company, best practice, specification and impressions (that is why a visit to the customer’s premises is essential). Agreeing upon the design takes place during meetings and via e-mail.


In parallel with the approval process of each design view, we create its HTML & CSS template, and a tester uses several browsers and devices to check its compatibility with the design, specification and standards.

Designing the architecture

Prior to the initiation of programming, a technical manager of the project and programmers plan out the technical architecture of the website, i.e. what order will be followed in the development of modules and how their links and database will be created.

Programming and testing

Guided by the architecture, specification and HTML, programmers develop the technical part of the project. The technical manager of the project checks compatibility of the programme code with inner standards and architecture; testers check compatibility with specification, business requirements, HTML, and inner standards (technical, SEO, security, fast functioning etc.). Development and further maintenance takes place on an Efumo development / demo server.

Implementation, publishing

During the implementation phase we train the customer’s employees to work with the administration system. We deploy the website on the permanent hosting server and, once all of the necessary content has been entered, we publish it.

Content writing, translation, entering

Depending on your preference, we can offer writing, translation and entering of content. Find out more about web and SEO content!


  • Notification of a mistake
    Customer reports a mistake via e-mail. In case of critical problems, our customers can rely on us even in holidays.
  • Correction of a mistake
    Should any mistakes be found within the guarantee period, we shall correct them free of charge. If third parties are involved in the process (for example, a payment system provider), we contact them and collaborate until the problem is solved.
  • Report
    Once the mistake is corrected, the customer receives and e-mail containing a report on the work done.

Changes and additions 

  • We use the Efumo demo server to make any changes and additions in the developed website; once approved, we publish them on the permanent hosting server.
  • According to pre-agreed invoicing limits, once a month we make out an invoice for smaller tasks depending on the time spent. For more significant tasks we agree upon an estimate and the payment order separately.
  • Depending on dynamics of the customer’s business and online shop, changes can be made either sequentially or simultaneously, developing and publishing several versions and subversions. Normally this is needed upon creation of some larger additions when it becomes necessary to introduce various urgent changes, as it has often happened in number of our customers’ projects. 
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